How to help

Become a Folder

Install and run the Folding@Home client. For those new to distributed computing projects or for those who just want to get up and going quickly we have broken down the steps to get started.

  1. Start by downloading the folding software
  2. Then join the Team Equipe GOC #247377 team
  3. Learn how to install and configure
  4. Learn about “protein folding” for COVID-19

If you run into issues feel free to Contact Us

  • Watch our video tutorial on Youtube.
  • Detailed install guide.

We need help in the following other areas.

If you dont have a computer or are wondering if there are other ways to help ? Check these idea’s out.

Amplify our social message

We are currently active on twitter. Following @FoldTheNorth on twitter and retweeting some of our messages really helps us get the message out

Help us find more folders

Do you know someone who might be interested in our project, send them to our site.

Use your network to help increase our contribution

Let us present our message to your network. We have hosted/run presentations, lunch and learns and AMA(Ask Me Anything) session as ways of recruiting and getting the message out. If you know of an audience who is looking for a presenter let us know!

Help us with team administration

It takes a crew to run a ship and many of us are filling in multiple roles. If you’d be interested in contributing to a role let us know. No commitment needed !

  • Team Administration
  • Marketing
  • Media/Blog
  • Translation
  • Accessability
  • etc!

Sponsor our sticker procurment goal!

It would be really awesome if we could give the Folders a laptop sticker/badge of honor showing their contribution to the cause.

Contact us

If you think you would be interested please email us.